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Silhouette The Atelier

Silhouette The Atelier made its debut in 1995 in Singapore. During the past 15 years it has been providing brides and grooms from Singapore and those visiting from the region with their individually designed and uniquely created bridal attire for that very special day.

Silhouette The Atelier pushes the design and creative boundaries for wedding apparel with designs ranging from classical to the contemporary, traditional, or with an elegant fusion of styles. All with the sole purpose of designing for the couple, to suit their style and to simply make them look their best on this very special occasion.

Silhouette's gowns are esteemed for the mark quality in workmanship and opulent and luxurious materials, adding lustre with more intricate and finer detailing. Uniqueness and simplicity of classical designs still remain Silhouette's forte.

Company Name Silhouette The Atelier
Address 20 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229302
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