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Pics Can Fly

I fell in love with photography after a holiday trip. Upon returning home, I bought myself a camera. There is no turning back ever since. Rather, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with photography.

I'm interested in people and photography allows me to capture that touching moment, that beautiful smile, that innocence, that radiance and stories told in the different faces i see.

Friends have asked me why I did not go into commercial photography or fine art photography. My answer is simple. I love wedding photography. I love being involved in one of life's biggest moments.

Often, after a hard day's work, I find myself walking from the shoot inspired. I learned to treasure the people around me more. I learned to express my love for them more freely. In short, I walked away a better person.

Thank you for allowing me to play a part on your special day!

Company Name Pics Can Fly
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